Reclaim Innovation Sustainable 3D Printing

Dimension Polymers has developed the first professionally engineered 3D printing filament made from recycled plastic.


Our goal is to help promote environment-friendly manufacturing through scientific innovation.


Innovation should be planet-friendly.

By 2020 there will be over 250 million pounds of plastics used by 3D printers worldwide. To mitigate the environmental impact, Dimension Polymers has put sustainability first.

We have taken great care to ensure our product has a minimum of 95% recycled plastic which will reduce the carbon emissions associated with 3D printer filament by over 66%.


Precision is essential to 3D printing.

Dimension Polymers uses proprietary technology to remove contaminants and impurities, ensure consistency, and improve the physical properties of the plastic used to make our filaments. Through blending and processing we ensure every inch of filament meets a strict set of standards verified by an A2LA accredited laboratory. The diameter tolerance on our filament is +/- 0.05mm.


Innovation should be affordable.

Dimension Polymers filaments are cost competitive due to our use of recycled material. We also offer initial and on-going purchase and shipping discount opportunities to promote customer loyalty.

We choose to use Dimension Polymers’ filaments in our workshop whenever possible. Their print quality matches the highest quality ABS filaments on the market, and we reduce our environmental footprint.

~ Stuart Marsh, Co-Owner, Edgewater Workbench

  • It’s official – we’re certified!

    Our product has been approved to carry the esteemed Kingfisher Recycled Material Logo by SCS Global, one of the nation's leading third-party environmental, sustainability and food quality certification firms.