About Us

Dimension Polymers was founded in 2014 by Mark Sherman and Gerald Galazin. Mark and Gerald’s goal was to develop the first commercially produced, engineering-grade 3D printing filament made from recycled plastic.

The success of this endeavor relied on overcoming the challenge to produce a filament comparable in quality and consistency to name brand filaments made from virgin plastic. To accomplish this, a consistent waste material must be sourced, contaminants and impurities removed, and physical properties adjusted.

Through the use of proprietary technology and collaboration with plastic industry professionals, Dimension Polymers has succeeded in developing a high-quality ABS filament that meets the strict material property and consistency standards essential for high quality 3D printing. Our blending, processing, and quality control testing ensure every inch filament meets a strict set of standards and is verified by an A2LA accredited laboratory.

As the world continues to increase its use of 3D printing materials, our mission is to help users reduce their environmental footprint.

Dimension Polymers is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Did you know that...


Current 3D printing filament pollutes the environment with toxins from their petroleum-based production. Our recycling process reduces these toxins by 66%.


Dimension Polymers filament reduces the need for fossil fuels and generates less than 1/3 of associated carbon emissions.


The global 3D printing market is projected to quadruple by 2018 to $16.2 billion.